This 45-Minute Yoga Playlist Featuring Claire Mortifee Is a Soulfood We All Need

Singer-songwriter Claire Mortifee‘s entrance album, Medicines, offers viewpoint and impulse for anticipating a energy that lies within any of us. Which is because we weren’t astounded to learn Mortifee also happens to be a approved life manager and reiki master. We got to discuss with her about her impulse and where she hopes her devout tour will take her from here. You can listen to a yoga playlist as good as all of Medicines on Spotify

Yoga Journal: We know you’ve constructed song in a past. Was there anything in particular that desirous this album? 
Claire Mortifee: I went to Cambodia a few years ago and connected with a lady from there who common with me her disappointment with all of these adore songs, when she was vital in a multitude where she couldn’t find a dude who would provide her like a genuine equal. we was like, “[T]here’s got to be pleasing songs for we to listen to that we can ring with!” So that was a large partial of my impulse for formulating a organisation of songs that weren’t about love. we wanted to emanate a physique of work that would not usually enthuse [the woman] though would also enthuse me and anyone who a song landed with to commend their middle power. So it’s kind of for her. It’s kind of for me. It’s for everyone.  

YJ: That’s awesome. Do we feel like song and yoga, in that way, can daub into that middle power?
CM: Yeah, of course. Yoga is medicine for a essence and a physique and a mind and a spirit…and so is music! So is request and mantra! I’m so beholden that we have these collection in a west. Living on colonized lands, in colonized society, we’re commencement to find collection to reconnect with a Great Spirit in a approach that inland people have collection for. It’s a tour behind to self. It’s a tour behind to spirit. Yoga and song are unequivocally good medicines for that. 

YJ: Is that what desirous a title, too? 
CM: Yeah! The pretension Medicines just came to me. we was like, “That’s what this is for me!” It was fitting. 

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YJ: Do we have any yogic rituals we use before we perform or record anything? 
CM: I’m perplexing to incorporate protocol into my day-to-day. I’ve been listening to a lot of affirmationslately. Trying to keep adult a imagining practice. we used to do 20 mins a day. There was a time when we did 30 minutes, dual times a day. Now I’m perplexing to get behind to doing 15 minutes, dual times per day, and it’s flattering non-daunting. Just cocktail on a 15-minute timer. That’s something that unequivocally supports me and [reminds] me who we am. Feeling good enough, remembering that my suggestion is guided by a Great Spirit…therefore we can’t go wrong. 

YJ: Wow, that’s incredible. Your mom’s a yoga instructor. Was yoga always a large partial of your life? 
CM: Not always. But a initial deity that guided me out of a unequivocally dim time in my life was a Hindu deity: it was Kali. And from there, building a attribute with opposite Hindu deities as they live in me was and is a many lenient things that we have explored. I’m so beholden for a yogi philosophy and for these archetypes that we was means to rise clever relations as they were in me. 

YJ: Do we see another manuscript on a horizon? 
CM: Yeah, definitely! I’ve been essay lots of music. [For] a subsequent project, I’m unequivocally vehement to be exploring opposite tools of myself and navigating my possess temperament and spirituality. As we overwhelmed on, as a lady whose ancestors colonized this land and colonized Africa… it’s really engaging being lifted in white colonial enlightenment and perplexing to find a clarity of self and a clarity of devout self in a enlightenment that doesn’t value spirituality and a self as most as many indigenous cultures do. Again, I’m so beholden for Indian law and yogic law for assisting me to find my possess divinity and countenance my possess divinity. How can we do this in a approach that acknowledges colonialism as well? So, a lot of my song has been about just recognizing that this is a huge, complicated, and dim story behind how I’ve grown adult as a white woman, still in a really extremist culture. What I’ve been essay about is only acknowledging that, bringing light to that. Being beholden to a land and a people, animals, spirits and wanting to bond my suggestion in a common way. Just wanting to learn how we can decolonize my possess mind and unlearn racist beliefs that we’ve been unconciously indoctrinated with, vital over here in North America. That’s what I’ve been exploring. There’s definitely going to be calm on a subsequent plan about that. Again, in the eyes of a spirit, we are all one. That is a biggest truth. 

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Claire Mortifee’s Soulfood Playlist

  1. “True Power,” Claire Mortifee
  2. “September,” Earth, Wind Fire
  3. “Summer Sun,” Claire Mortifee
  4. “Seven Nation Army,” Ben L’Oncle Soul
  5. “I Want It All,” Claire Mortifee
  6. “Ring,” Laura Izibor
  7. “No Rollies,” Claire Mortifee, David Morin
  8. “Billie Jean – Remix,” Blackstreet
  9. “Shanghigh,” Claire Mortifee
  10. “Got To Give It Up,” Marvin Gaye
  11. “Ouroboros,” Claire Mortifee
  12. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” Michael Jackson